Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Recognizes Phishme (Cofense) Products and Services


PhishMe, which is now called Cofense, received five 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for its products that provide phishing defense solutions. Cybersecurity Insiders together with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn created the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program. The program gives recognition to companies that have shown excellence, leadership and innovation in the field of cybersecurity. This year, over 400 entries in 70 different categories were nominated.

The selection of winners depends on the strength of their nominations. The Information Security Community members voted for the products and services they loved. Based on the voting results, the chosen finalists were announced on February 1 while the winners were announced on February 7. Being a finalist of this awards program is an honor and verifies how exceptional are the products and services of a company in protecting businesses from cyberattacks. Cybersecurity Insiders stated that “All winners and finalists reflect the best in today’s cybersecurity industry.”

PhishMe was chosen as a finalist in one category of the Cybersecurity Professional Awards and a finalist in five categories of the Cybersecurity Product Awards.  PhishMe won four Product Awards and one Professional Award.  The following lists the products, product category and award won:

Product Product Category Award
PhishMe Triage Incident Response Gold award
PhishMe Simulator/PhishMe Reporter Security Education Platform Gold award
PhishMe CBFree Security Education Silver award
PhishMe Intelligence Threat Detection, Intelligence and Response Bronze award
PhishMe Professional Services Managed Security Service Finalist
PhishMe Customer Support (North America) Cybersecurity Team of the Year Silver award


Rohyt Belani, CEO and co-founder of PhishMe, said that they are honored to be recognized by the Cybersecurity Excellence Award team for the value of their teams, products and services. Their platform will continue to empower the employees of Fortune 500s and government agencies in identifying and reporting phishing attacks, at the same time, training incident response teams that can quickly analyze threats in real time.