Does Ademero Adhere to HIPAA Rules?


Ademero is a document management software (DMS) that businesses use to monitor and manage their documents. The software likewise helps them go paperless and transition to digital. Will using Ademero, however, not violate any HIPAA Rules?

The HIPAA Security Rule incorporates required and addressable usage details. These required usage details or implementation specifications, when executed, must conform with HIPAA Rules. There is still, however, some form of leniency and flexibility when it comes to addressable implementation specifications. An example of this is data encryption.  Despite data encryption not being among the required elements, it still should not be disregarded. Should acceptable data not be encrypted, the decision to do so must be founded on a risk analysis. Similarly, it must have proper documentation. There must be a set of possible alternative controls that are available to maintain the same degree of protection and safety.

Document management softwares that adhere to HIPAA Rules possess proper and correct controls to comply to HIPAA requirements and are consistent with its addressable elements. Found on Ademero’s website, as well as in printed form, is an itemized list of HIPAA requirements and its implementation on the software. Here, Ademero shows that it answers all required components and that healthcare providers must guarantee that all particulars of the addressable implementation are fulfilled.

Ademero has set in place controls when it comes to access and audit. This gives administrators the ability to restrict access to the software as well as control the uploading of documents to it. They can likewise see into the protected heath information that has been uploaded to any of the users’ accounts. Audit controls also ensure the proper monitoring of logon and logoff activity, file access, updates, edits, and copies of documents and download. Further adding to their controls is the encryption of all uploaded files and data. As an extra step, the software works together with Google Cloud Platform which is a HIPAA compliant platform.

With the abovementioned restrictions and safety implementations, it can be concluded, without hesitation, that Ademero is an excellent DMS solution. Given this, does it then follow that Ademero can be safely applied to health-related companies since it is HIPAA compliant? As a software solution, Ademero can guarantee its users that its safety controls will not violate any HIPAA Rules. As a testament to its confidence, Ademero signified its willingness to enter into and sign a business associate agreement with HIPAA covered entities. With these, Ademero is therefore HIPAA compliant and can be applied and used to manage protected health information by its end user.