Google to Transfer Management of EU Data to Ireland from the US


Google has announced their final decision to make a few modifications to its terms of service and privacy policy. The major change is the naming of Ireland as the location for its data services in Europe.

Anne Rooney, Public Policy Manager for Google Ireland, announced in Google’s blog post the change in data controller location to allow easier engagement with the data protection regulators in the EU by means of the GDPR’s ‘One Stop Shop’ system. This program was created to ensure that regulatory actions for companies and EU citizens are continuous. It’s important to take note these changes will not in any respect alter Google’s products or the way user data are gathered or processed using their services.

In relation to the Google’s privacy policy, it was likewise pointed out in the blog post that there are going to be a few updates. The most essential update is that Google Ireland Limited is going to be the ‘data controller’ officially in charge for EEA and Swiss users’ information. This suggests that Google Ireland Limited is now in charge of replying to requests for user data, including from the EU law enforcement, in accordance with Irish laws. It is additionally in charge of compliance with proper privacy laws, in particular the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The adjustments will take effect on January 22, 2019. Google stated that no function or operation of its European services will be impacted. The modification indicates that the Dublin Google office is going to take care of the requests for user data from users or law enforcement regulators starting the effective date. At present the official service provider for Google Services, including Play, Drive, Gmail, YouTube and Maps , is set up at Google’s European head office in Dublin. In addition, all jobs taking care of compliance with the GDPR are to be executed in Dublin.

Google already began sending emails to customers regarding the modification in carrying out data management in the EU. The email notice mentioned that the Google services will not change. The terms of privacy settings, data processing and the reasons for data processing will also not change as defined in the Google Privacy Policy. However, users who would not accept these modifications can choose to stop using the services. Users under the age of consent utilizing the Family Link for Google account management should communicate with Google regarding these changes.

The Google Privacy Policy updates can be read here.