HIPAA Seal of Compliance Awarded to Integration Link LLC by Compliancy Group

Integration Link, LLC is a provider of virtual Chief Information Security Officers and cybersecurity consultancy services to businesses of varying sizes — small, medium and large. It recently completed Compliancy Group’s 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process, which proves that it is fully compliant with all the requirements of the HITECH Act, the Omnibus Rules, the HIPAA Security, Privacy and Breach Notification Rules.

Deciding on the right person to take the job of Chief Information Security Officer is a major decision for healthcare organizations. Not many are competent for this job and so there are a lot of vacant positions. A number of companies are unable to find a fully committed Chief Information Security Officer. This need is being addressed by Integration Link by providing virtual Chief Information Security Officers to companies as a way to help minimize risks to data assets and protected health information (PHI).

As a provider of such service, Integration Link is regarded as a HIPAA business associate asa employees have access to the network and PHI of the company.

Integration Link is serious in dealing with its customers, whether a health plan, a healthcare provider, a healthcare clearinghouse, or a HIPAA business associate. And so, it is employing a number of safety procedures to keep sensitive personal and medical information secure. That involves an enormous accountability for all people in the company.

To help differentiate the company and reassure prospective and existing clients of the expertise of employees when it comes to HIPAA and commitment to compliance, the company partnered with Compliancy Group. Using the Guard, Compliancy Group’s special software and the expertise of its compliance coaches, Integration Link has shown its powerful HIPAA compliance program, which handle all aspects of HIPAA and HITECH Act requirements.

Integration Link got the HIPAA Seal of Compliance after finishing Compliancy Group’s HIPAA program. This award is a proof of the efficient HIPAA compliance program of Integration Link. It is an assurance that the company is committed to protecting the privacy of all HIPAA-covered data on its systems that are accessible to its employees.