NH-ISAC and Anomali Partnership Improves Threat Intelligence Sharing in Healthcare


Anomali and the National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) have partnered to provide threat intelligence to healthcare organizations. Anomali can help in several ways: It has the tools and infrastructure needed for collaboration and sharing threat intelligence to others.  It can provide updated threat intelligence on old and new external threats that are targeting the healthcare industry. It has an early warning system that tells healthcare organizations to quickly respond to threats when something suspicious is detected.

Members of NH-ISAC include health insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical research institutions, ambulatory providers, medical equipment manufacturer and other healthcare stakeholders. Each one does its part to help one another utilize physical and cyber threat intelligence to make the right security decisions and mitigate risks.

With NH-ISAC and Anomali working together, they can empower the healthcare community to identify cyberthreats  and respond accordingly. Anomali can give workable threat intelligence that health organizations can use to make internal security threat monitoring programs to work.

What can the Anomali platform do? The platform automatically collects and integrates threat intelligence from different sources.  Through the Anomali Trusted Circles, it’s possible for peers in organizations to have seamless collaboration and look into the attacks that threaten PHI confidentiality and network security. When one member detects a threat, the other members of the organization learns to take preventative steps to mitigate attacks.

NH-ISAC board member Jim Routh said that the most essential service of ISAC is the sharing of threat intelligence with other member firms. It’s a pleasure to take the opportunity to use the Threatstream platform and enhance threat intelligence sharing in the healthcare industry