NIST is Accepting Feedback for the Creation of AI Standards and Tools


The National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced a request for information (RFI) to get industry stakeholders’ comments regarding the formation of new criteria and tools for systems employing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

An Executive Order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence calls for NIST to set up a plan for technical criteria and tools to guide the formation of efficient, good and reputable AI-based programs, together with tools that are essential or beneficial in minimizing problems to the safe assessment and use of AI-based systems.

NIST wants to obtain opinions from stakeholders to better its expertise with the current applications of AI, the possibilities presented by AI-based systems, and the associated issues. NIST expects stakeholder feedback can help identify current concerns.

The three major priorities of RFI are:

  • The state of and options for AI technical standards and related tools creation
  • Determining and reaching U.S. leadership in AI standards
  • Prioritizing the involvement of the government in AI standardization

NST is researching facts on existing standards and tools coupled with the names of the businesses responding to the requirement of standards and if they have tackled sector-specific needs or if they could be used more generally.

NIST is furthermore eager to know where U.S. firms are leading the standards creation and how federal institutions may help to satisfy the specifications of creating standards and AI resources.

Standards-linked tools may consist of, but not confined to, testing tools (addressing conformance, efficiency, interoperability, and stress evaluation), use cases, reference data and data sets, training plans, and reference implementations.

Responses from the private community, academic organizations, federal institutions, nongovernmental institutions, and other stakeholders with know-how in AI and correlated standards for plan creation are accepted.

NIST must produce its plan 180 days from the issuance of the executive order and is going to accept public responses up to May 31, 2019. NIST will likewise host a training class on May 30 at its campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland to increase talks regarding its plan for AI technical standards engagement.

For additional information regarding the RFI and the targeted areas where responses are desired, click here.