Position of OCR Permanent Deputy Director for Health Information Privacy Open to Applicants

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights is looking for someone to fill in the position of a permanent Deputy Director for Health Information Privacy. The details of the advertisement was posted on January 14, 2019 on USAJOBS.

Deven McGraw was the previous permanent Deputy Director. He decided to leave OCR in October 2017 for a position in the private sector. OCR’s Senior Advisor for Compliance and Enforcement, Iliana Peters, worked as acting Deputy Director for Health Information Privacy. However, she left the position on February 2018 for the private sector. The past regional manager for the HHS Office for Civil Rights in Atlanta, Timothy Noonan, took Peters’ vacant position in February 2018.

The position entails managing OCR’s daily HIPAA privacy and security program functions, administrative rulemaking, creation of privacy and security policies, interpretation of existing rules, delivering technical support to the regional offices of OCR, and managing HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule compliance activities to make sure steady policies application throughout all regional offices.

The Deputy Director for Health Information Privacy is an important person in the creation of departmental policies, regulatory and legal proposals, as well as special OCR projects to protect the privacy of health information.

The role entails informing OCR Director Roger Severino and senior OCR officers regarding the HIPAA policies and implementation of those policies. The best applicant is going to be assigned to work together with the OCR Director and help with the organization, planning and development of policies and processes for OCR including health privacy and security policies throughout the HHS.

As per the job posting, the Deputy Director is the representative of the Director and OCR with regards to health data privacy and security issues and directs work where challenges and issues include not just one part of the HHS. The Deputy Director is likewise required to preserve relations regarding health data privacy and security challenges at several senior management levels.

People interested in the position of Deputy Director for Health Information Privacy can apply until February 5, 2019.