HIPAA Training Services

There are benefits to engaging HIPAA training services due to the language in which the HIPAA Rules are written. The non-explicit and technology-neutral nature of the language is deliberate and intended to address the diverse make-up of the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries, and provide the flexibility required to cover the many different permitted uses and disclosures of PHI.

Consequently it can be difficult for Covered Entities and Business Associates in certain sectors of healthcare and healthcare insurance industries to understand how the HIPAA Rules apply in their specific circumstances. This is where HIPAA training services can be particularly useful in sorting the Rules that are relevant to those which are not.

There are a number of providers offering HIPAA training services and, before Covered Entities and Business Associates engage a service provider, they need to be aware of what the services can offer and what they cannot offer. For example, HIPAA training services that offer some form of “HIPAA Certification” after watching a twenty minute video should be avoided, as no such qualification exists.

Furthermore, it is unlikely anybody is able to absorb the complexities of HIPAA within twenty minutes. HIPAA training should be relevant, comprehensive, and ongoing. Whether the ongoing training is provided by the company offering the initial HIPAA training services will depend on whether the Covered Entity or Business Associate is able to implement their own HIPAA-compliant training program.