What is the Reason for the Slow Pace of Technology Adoption in Healthcare?

In relation to the use of new technology, the healthcare industry is quite slow compared to other industries. It is an undeniable fact that the healthcare industry seems to refuse change, even if those changes would be considerably profitable to patients.

In this time of advanced technology when tablets, Smartphones and the Internet of Things are making waves, it is surprising for a lot of people to learn that traditional tools of communication which include pagers and faxes are still around and used widely in the healthcare industry.

In most cases, new technology that is just being introduced to healthcare organizations had already been used in other industry sectors several years ago. Why is it that the pace of technology change is so slow in the healthcare industry compared to other industries like the financial or manufacturing sector?

Definitely, there are reasons behind the slow pace of technology change. Itamar Kandel who is TigerConnect’s Chief Strategy Officer, knows why. In the period he worked at VERITAS Software and lately at TigerConnect, he found out the reasons for the slow usage of new technology, even though the technology was clearly shown to be safe, risk-free, and could enhance the provision of healthcare services.

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